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Meeting and working with Ritch has truly changed my life. It is directly because of Ritch's compassion and talent that I have found the strength within myself to overcome and heal from things that I once thought were hopeless. He is not only full of patience and wisdom, but you can feel that he truly believes in you and gives you the push that you never knew you needed in order to love yourself. Because of the time I have spent with Ritch, and because of the things I've learned from him, my quality of life has crazy dramatically improved. I am SO thankful that life led me to cross paths with him! I cannot recommend Ritch strongly enough, his attitude and use of EFT and Reiki are truly medicine for your body mind spirit and soul.  Batia

Ritch is an amazing practitioner.  I have never met anyone so caring and compassionate and really dedicated to helping others heal.  The 3 modalities of EFT, tuning forks and Reiki really compliment each other and I leave feeling really balanced and relaxed.  I highly recommend Ritch for deep healing and balancing work!  I see him regularly to stay healthy and energized. Cynthia

I have been seeing Ritch for about 5 months and the healing process has been amazing. As a practitioner, Ritch is extremely intuitive, patient, and knowledgeable.  EFT, tuning forks, and reiki is a great combination that balances the body's energy.  I always leave feeling extremely relaxed and centered, while having just done some deep emotional healing.  I am so happy to have found this type of healing and to be working regularly with Ritch. Highly recommended for everyone.  Megan

Vibrational Harmony is a shelter from the storm.  In the LA area there are many healers to choose from but just like western doctors, there will be some healers that will go the extra mile and take the time to listen and understand your needs. As outlined in his profile, healer Ritch Wells uses various techniques to help with whatever ails you be it physically or emotionally; which let's face it are usually all meshed up together.  I originally went for Reiki to help with a chronic pain condition but eventually added EFT to my sessions. EFT or tapping is crazy weird but much to my amazement it works incredibly well to release old embedded painful baggage and it has produced near miraculous results for me.  I urge anyone who is struggling with any kind of weighty emotional junk to take a leap of faith and give it a try. I can't imagine that I would have ever tried this anywhere else and it is all because of Ritch Wells who genuinely and sincerely has your best interest at heart. He is a healer in the best sense of the word; intuitive, gentle and gracious. He welcomes all into a comforting and caring environment and gives you the space to start your journey towards true healing.  He is the most down to earth healer I have ever met and I can't say enough good things about him. Even if you chose to just go for the Reiki and other modalities you will leave feeling like you just had a spiritual tune up; that is to say you will float out of there feeling peaceful yet energized.    It has been a wonderful experience  and I highly recommend.  He get's 10 stars!  Camila

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